• achilles: making my way downtown
  • achilles: walking fast
  • connor: will you train me
  • achilles: walking faster
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imagine ac4 with desmond

doing shitty pirate impressions every time he came out of the animus

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as much as i loved AC3 we waited SO long to finally play as desmond and show off his assassin skills, and it was just anticlimatic as fuck to have him disposed of in such a manner. that pissed me off, and it just made me damn salty.


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AC3 makes me so sad because it could have been so good. After Ezio it was just a major let down. I was expecting it to be so good but I got bored so easily, and playing it wasn't fun; it felt like a chore. The only reason I finished it was because I get really anal about finishing series' in the correct order. I literally finished the game in about 3 days just to get it over with. I love every other AC game. I love them all so much, including Black Flag. AC3 had so much potential, and failed.

oh, i loved ac3. connor was great, haytham was great, the story was great, the soundtrack was great. i loved how the assassin/templar relationship went back to being more grey, instead of the TEMPLARS ARE BAD AND CORRUPT message of ezio’s games. also, i was kinda looking forward to a new protagonist, ‘cause i found revelations really, really, boring - it’s the only one i haven’t got 100% synch on aside from ac4 (which is only because i haven’t got round to it). and actually getting to DO STUFF!!!! as desmond, hell yeah. ……well, ignoring the ending, that is.

i do agree that it could have been better, though. personally, i don’t feel it was as good as ac2 or brotherhood, and there were definitely certain parts that did feel like a bit of a chore for the platinum. *cough* 100% synch on some of the aquila missions, encyclopedia of the common man, HAVING TO DISCOVER MOST OF THE FRONTIER MAP *cough*

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i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me

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day 021. favorite bug type » butterfree
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because everyone should be able to experience the beauty of modded skyrim, i’m giving away 5 copies of it on steam


  • reblog this post to enter
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  • no giveaway blogs
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  • …don’t enter if you already have skyrim on steam
  • 5 copies = 5 winners
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  • (so make sure your ask box is open!)
  • each winner will have 48 hours to reply or i’ll pick another winner

good luck!!

i’m also giving away a copy of lego marvel super heroes on steamgifts!!

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Those old.. sad eyes..

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"free trial"


"all we need is your credit card information"


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